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For more than 30 years Melusina has played an essential role in Luxembourg’s nightlife, and this is not about to change.



There is no other club in Luxembourg that can enrich an event with customized entertainment acts quite like Melusina can! With even a slight touch of personalized decoration and our signature entertainment, we are an event location that can be transformed into anything you can imagine.


Melusina Corporate



Since its debut in 1984, Melusina has become the go-to hot spot for the true international clubbers. Chilled cocktails, innovative dining, alluring people, fantastic DJs, exciting entertainment and incredible events all come together to create a scene that is not to be missed.


Melusina has been an integral part of Luxembourg’s nightclub culture. Located at the opposite side of the Mousel brewery, the has always been a popular spot in the old town of capital known as Clausen.


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